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  2. villageofscarves:

    I think I’m learning that
    it’s okay to fuck up
    . Its okay

    to drown
    ourselves in our own hearts
    and come back
    breathing. I
    know more about
    staying than anything else
    . Staying when the
    fire consumes
    . Staying
    when the
    water rises. Staying

    the whole

  5. buttonpoetry:

    Carrie Rudzinski - “In America” (WoWPS 2014)

    "In America, we are taught to scream the word ‘FIRE’ if being assaulted, because no one will help us if we yell ‘RAPE.’ “

    Performing at the 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Carrie placed 4th overall in the tournament.

  6. miguelmarquezoutside:

    Temporary wet weather signage recently placed in various Sydney locations.

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    1. some boy: stop generalizing all men
    2. some boy: as a guy, i have to say, this is just how guys are, this is what the bros are like, im just saying whats on every guys mind, if your man says differently he's lying, real men don't ____, im a piece of shit

  10. "I drank until you weren’t real."
    — Six Word Story (#12)

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